Nadcap Approvals

Scope of Nadcap Approvals


Quality System – AC7004

Chemical Processing – AC7108
Chemical Cleaning

Silver Plating – QQ-S-365
Silver Plating – ASTM B 700
Silver Plating – AMS 2410
Silver Plating – Other

Copper Plating – MIL-C-14550
Copper Plating – AMS 2418

Nickel Plating – AMS-QQ-N-290
Nickel Plating – AMS 2403
Nickel Plating – QQ-N-290
Nickel Plating – AMS 2424
Nickel Plating – Other


Gold Plating – MIL-DTL-45204

Gold Plating – AMS 2422
Gold Plating – MIL-G-45204
Gold Plating – ASTM B 488
Gold Plating – Other


Testing Performed

B7 Heat Resistance Testing
B11 Adhesion Scratch and Chisel Testing
B20 Porosity
B17 Solderability
B12 Adhesion Bend Testing
B21 Other Test Method
B16 Thickness Verification of Magnetic, Eddy Current and XRF Machines
B18 Adhesion Testing Heat and Quench
Solution Analysis


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