About Us

Precious Metals Plating Company has been in business since 1957 serving the needs of the aerospace, electronic, medical and related industries offering high quality metal finishing services.  Our specialty is barrel plating contacts to most specifications, both military and aerospace. 

Our equipment includes conventional and vibratory barrel plating.  In addition, we offer rack/wire and masking capabilities.

A fairly recent addition to our capabilities is heat treating with inert atmosphere.  Our customers often require hardening of beryllium copper materials or annealing of copper alloys.  Our equipment is capable of up to 1000F in nitrogen or argon. 

Our accredited in-house lab handles solution analysis and testing to ensure consistent quality of our processes. Customer service has always been a high priority. 

We offer the best lead times in our industry while maintaining superior quality and consistency.   In addition, we are NADCAP accredited.